Jun 3, 2011

Madhumaasa mounaraagam (Rathinirvedam)

The song 'madhumaasa mounaraagam' is a new malayalam song of Shreya ghoshal from the movie Rathinirvedam( Remake ). It is a beautiful melody by shreya. This one is a slow flowing track and is a sad song. The singers chosen could not have been more perfect- Shreya Ghoshal’s voice is perfectly fit for this song.Shreya really understand the emotion needed for the song and have delivered with the goods. Even a person who don't know malayalam can get the sad feelings of this song. As usual malayalam pronunciation oh Shreya Ghoshal is unbelievable and i don't know what to say about the sweet voice of the melody queen.

This song was composed by M. jayachandran. It is yet another gift from Shreya- jayachandran team to the music lovers. The lyrics for the song have been given by Murukan Kattakada. The wordings are beautiful.

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Madhumasa Mounaraagam Nirayunnuvo
Anuraaga Lola Yaamam Akalunnuvo
Ariyaathe Ariyaathetho
Nanavaarnna Pakalormayil

(Repeat - Madhumasa Mounaraagam Nirayunnuvo)

Ila Polumariyatahoru Naal
Oru Mulla Viriyum Pole
Manassenna Vvrindaavaniyil
Anubhoothi Poothuvenno
Athu Pakarumee Paraagam
Akathaliril Aathma Daaham
Iniyum Parannu Varumen

(Repeat - Madhumasa Mounaraagam Nirayunnuvo)

Oh Ithalinte Ithalinullil
Ariyaathe Then Niranju
Manamulla Manamaay Pranayam
Cherukaattil Oornnalinju
Bhramaramariyaathe Paadum
Priya Madana Raaga Geetham
Iniyum parannu varumenno

(Repeat - Madhumasa Mounaraagam Nirayunnuvo)

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