May 22, 2011

Shreya Ghoshal conquers the malayalam music world....

Shreya Ghoshal in Malayalam
       She came, she sang and she conquered.Her popularity in Kerala is growing tremendously. almost all malayalee loves her songs.what is special is the way she manages to get the right enunciation and expression in malayalam as well as other languages. Winning awards seems to come naturally for this talented youngster who has already won four National awards and three State awards for the best female playback singer. Language is no barrier for this 26-year-old singer.

       The 'World Language Research Foundation' says, Malayalam is the most difficult language of all to learn, and in particular the hardest to pronounce. Into this 'phonetic jungle', lilts in a cool breeze from Bengal: Shreya Ghoshal.  Listen to the malayalam songs she has rendered.  Catch the way she pronounces each word.  Take in those inflections and intonations, and how well she enlivens the feelings and emotions in the lyric.You would have accepted her as a Malayalee singer. Although she started her journey in malayalam with the song ' vidaparayukayano in BigB, it was the song in Banaras that really made Shreya a household name in Malayalam.Vennilave in Sagar Alias Jacky and the swinging Anuraaga Vilochananayi in Neelathamara crowned her as the queen of the charts in Malayalam. And Shreya finished the year  2010 as the top singer in Malayalam with every other music director wanting to work with this music powerhouse. This journey is continuing 1n 2011 also.
I am now listing all the malayalam songs sung by shreya ghoshal so far. you can view the post about these songs by clicking on the song name.
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  1. Kaanamullal ( salt n pepper )
  2. Chembarathi kammalita ( Manikyakkallu )
  3. Paatinte Palkadavil ( Living Together )
  4. Vidhuramee (Gadhama)
  5. Kizhaku pookum ( Anwar )
  6. Kanninima Neele ( Anwar )
  7. Anuraga vilolachanayi ( Neelathamara )
  8. Arikilumilla nee ( Album : Ennenum )
  9. Manju mazha ( Aagathan )
  10. Vennilave ( Sagar Alias Jacky )
  11. Madhuram gayathi ( Banaras )
  12. Chandanam Thottilee ( Banaras )
  13. Vida Parayukayano ( BigB )

For Updated Songlist : Click here

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    yes i know. But dis was d cmplt songlist wen i'm writing this post. Please see the 'songlist' page 4 d updated list

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